Xena’s Story Begins

campfireSo here it begins.

The writing of the saga. The epic journey that has yet to unfold in its entirety. After years and never-ending nudges and pleadings to get this all down as a written project, here it begins. The telling of the story, and the stories within the stories, will undoubtedly involve a good deal of meandering,  occasionally becoming lost in the side stories and back stories and myth and history, but isn’t that all a part of good storytelling?

It will take some time for the scribe doing the actual writing here to find her voice and rhythm, as she is not nearly as skilled in working with this form of narrative as is warranted. This blog will be her platform for honing that skill, getting the structure of the bones and muscle and sinew of this story down. We can put the shine on this in due time.

Now, just where to begin …. ?